International Wing Chun Day is a day for all lineages to raise awareness of Wing Chun.

You hold your own event promoting your club getting the word out about your work and promoting Wing Chun as a whole at the same time.

International Wing Chun Day is held yearly on the 3rd Saturday of March.

How Your School/Club/Group Can Participate
Hold Your Own Local Event

Local event ideas include:
  • free demonstrations
  • free seminar/workshop for the public
  • open house/open day
  • free introductory class
  • chi sao-a-thons for charity
  • speeches to community organizations
  • local TV and radio appearances
  • have a local Wing Chun meet-up between other lineages/schools
  • hold a Wing Chun webinar
Be sure to tell local newspapers about the day and the events that you have planned!